Monday, 17 August 2015

Day 228 of 365: Clearing Out My Wardrobe

Again. Just a little bit more. Because I can. And because I'm supposed to be studying, so there's no better time to do that, right? Wait, what do you mean, 'no'? 
However. I think it was about a year ago, around the time when this video came out, when I got a sudden inspiration and an urge to clear out my wardrobe. Because over the years it got full of stuff that were either too small or I was never wearing anyways and basically I was just rotating between two pairs of jeans and a few t-shirts most of the time, with throwing a casual shirt in here and there. And at that point I took everything out of my wardrobe, threw stuff I didn't wear or was in not-the-best-shape-anymore into bin bags (that are in fact still waiting somewhere in the house to be put on internet for sale or donated to charity) and the rest of the clothes I was still feeling like wearing at some point went back into previously mentioned wardrobe. 
The thing is I now constantly have this urge of wanting to just clear out my wardrobe. I then force myself to forget about it for a while so then, when I remember it again, I have something to clear out. Today I reduced my t-shirt collection - these just keep coming in, I don't know where from. There's something strangely satisfying in seeing a pile of clothes size down. And at the end, well, I folded everything back more nicely, so it at least looks neater. Tadaa!

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