Monday, 17 August 2015

Day 227 of 365: Colouring Pencils

I'm not an artistic type of person, but every now and again I'll pull my pencil case with colouring pencils out of a drawer and sharpen them and maybe colour in a thing or two. Then I'll usually decide that I'll use those regularly from now on and won't use pens anymore, because pencils are more cool or something and then I'll maybe really use them for a few days and then I'll forget about them again. Because that's just the natural cycle, or so it seems. So the other day I found those pencils again, I'm now in the state 'Oooh, I'll use these for my notes while I'm studying!'. But the pencil case is on the end of my desk and probably feels a little lonely, because my notes are still being made just with technical pencil, because it's the most practical one.
Oh well. Maybe one day this won't be a sad story about a bit abandoned colouring pencils anymore...

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