Friday, 31 July 2015


Oh, hi there...
I think I was talking about possibly disappearing for 10 days back in the middle of July and then before I turned around it's the end of the month. When I said in my last post, that I hope internet and time don't turn their backs on me, I meant it very seriously and in the end the lack of internet wasn't as much of a problem as the lack of time was... I swear I have no idea where did all this time go. Okay, I have a vague idea about time in Pacug, because I don't think I ever stopped moving around and doing something for 10 days, except for those 4 hours a night on average, when I fell asleep the second I laid on my bed. But since coming home, I've been slowly getting back into my real life and the cloud of having to put up quite a few posts was hanging above my head all the time and I've just been putting it off for as long as possible.
Now I figured it's time I start being productive again, because my holiday time is over, I have to start studying again and to do that I have to get my life back together and that includes updating my little blog. So now I'll go a bit back in time, try to get together a few missing posts - there won't be one for every day, because most of the days since coming back I've been in hibernation mode, but well, it's something *insert that 'it's something' meme here*.

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