Friday, 31 July 2015

Day 197 of 365: Necessary Things

When going to children's summer camp as a teacher, there are a few necessary things, that can help you survive. Or maybe just make your life a whole lot easier. This may sound a bit overboard, but believe me, when you spend 10 days with an average of maybe 4 - 5 hours of sleep per night, while being on full energized mode throughout the day and you still have to be a responsible and reliable and be able to focus on things, it's not as easy as it sounds. Especially if you're used to 8 hours of sleep per night and living on lower rpm, like I am.
So here's what I took with me, in the 'essential' compartment.

1. Coffee. I'm not a regular coffee drinker really, when at home, I usually drink cappuccino and coffee is a drink of choice only when I'm out and have no clue what else to order, to be honest. In Pacug, I drink somewhere around three coffees per day. As does everyone else, if that's what they normally do at home or not. It feels like around day 4 we could all say, that there's some blood in our caffeine system. 

2. A whistle. I bought one last year, after learning, that sometimes there's just no other way to get kids to shut up. And it comes in handy when I lose my voice on day 5 or 6.

3. Red bull. Or any other energy drink for that matter. Because coffee is brewed three times a day for everyone and meanwhile (usually at night, around 23:00, when kids go to sleep and teachers have a meeting) sometimes you need to stay awake even if your body doesn't.

4. Calcium effervescent tablets. The thing that makes the process of me losing my voice slow down a bit. I won't even go into reasons for me losing my voice, because it's ridiculous - whatever I do, there's still some yelling going on when there's loud music on in the evenings, and when I need to call my group from the other side of the beach and so on and so on and well, at that point my voice says sayonara and goes. Away. Far away. Comes back after a week of not speaking after I get back home.

5. All the cables. I'm responsible for the sound system there, because, well I don't know, when I first came here, I was the engineering student and the guy who was previously on that role stopped going that year and now it just stuck with me. But, with every term, there's new person taking care of everything and I have a feeling that not everyone knows how to be nice to electronic equipment, so stuff - especially cables - sometimes refuse to work. I learned to always take my cables with me if I don't want things to go wrong at the key moment.

6. A water bottle. For drinking water (obviously) and watering people around you.

7. A wrist watch. Water resistant if possible. Not so much because of sea water, but because of sweat we're producing this year (we got here at the beginning of the heat wave, so we're living on around 38°C every day). And this is an absolute essential for me, because it's just so much easier than carrying a phone with me at all times, when I have clothes with no pockets on. 

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