Friday, 31 July 2015

Day 196 of 365: 10 Days Of Entertaining Kids

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Perhaps it's time I explain all the fuss around Pacug and the actual point of it. 
Pacug is a place, a small bay on Slovenian coast. The part that lays a bit higher from the beach is inhabited by locals and people who have their weekend getaway houses there, but the biggest part, right next to the sea is property of The Association of Friends of Youth and consists of 7 houses with rooms for kids and a big dining area. And a football and volleyball playgrounds. Lots of 'and's, there is.
During summer months, after school ends, the association organizes holidays for kids aged 5 - 15. Throughout July and August there are five terms, four of them are 10 days long and the fifth one lasts for 7 days. Kids attending come from various places across Slovenia, but mainly from Ljubljana.
Now, for each term, there are 16 groups of kids in the resort. That means 16 teachers - one for each group. And then there are also 2 - 3 sports animators and of course the boss of all teachers, pedagogical leader (what a weird phrase that is...). So this is where I fit in the picture. I'm a teacher here, when I come here I get my group of kids, that I then have an eye on at all times for 10 days. I also, with the rest of my colleagues do everything I can to entertain these kids for whole 10 days, which a lot of times just means making fool of myself. Or letting my inner child free, however you want to see it. 

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