Friday, 31 July 2015

Day 194 of 365: Pacug

We are here! 
Oh, the excitement. I've been buzzing about this for the last eternity, even when I should be focused on studying up until three days ago. And now we're finally here. It feels like someone moved my lips in a permanent smiling position. Because if anywhere, here is my happy place. Place, where I forget about everything that's happening in the real world and I live in some kind of little isolated bubble for 10 days. And I don't mind that at all.
It took us ages to get here though, what is usually an hour and fourty minutes long drive, this time stretched to four long hours, because of a crazy accident on a highway. (Said accident took 4 lives at the point of the crash and another life later, when the driver who caused it and then ran away apparently took his life not far from where everything happened. What is this heatwave doing to peoples brains??) Around 6 pm we were already happily settled in, with our suitcases in our rooms, swimming suits on and halfway through the swimming test, that all kids have to go through on the first day, before anyone goes into water by themselves. Next step is dinner at 18:45 and then the first evening animation will be on the go.

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