Sunday, 12 July 2015

Day 193 of 365: Packing For Seaside

My main occupation for today was throwing things in a suitcase. And when one big suitcase ran out of space, I brought in another smaller one. I think I now have everything. Except all the things that'll go into my backpack and my computer. I must say I'm pretty impressed with my packing skills this year, I feel like they have massively improved. Part of credits for that goes to all those blogposts, with instructions and ideas on how to pack - that way I discovered, that rolling clothes takes up much less space, than just folding them and putting piles in suitcase does.
Maybe another reason, why I feel like I packed so much better this year, is having a new, bigger suitcase. I gave up on those bags on wheels I had in previous years and went and bought a new suitcase. For 28€. Which is apparently cheap for a suitcase. So now, when I pack my beach towels, only a quarter of suitcase is filled up, unlike that bag from last year, where half of it's volume was filled with them.
But, even though I had all this planned packing, I still have some work left to do tomorrow, just packing little things and shoes that I washed today. Somehow I feel I'll still be running around the house 10 minutes before I'll have to leave, frantically searching for things and throwing them in a bag... Someone help me.

p.s.: I'll do my best to keep up with daily posts, I hope internet and time don't turn their backs on me.

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