Saturday, 11 July 2015

Day 192 of 365: Slowly Cooking

You know, 28°C doesn't even sound that hot, but the problem is the fact that those 28°C Snapchat claimed were there, were just taken from internet weather forecasts. Reality was moving more around 34°C at that time. 
But. One more day and I'll be off to the seaside. Where I'll still be slowly cooking, but with a chance to cool down a bit in the sea. Which is, I hope, slightly cooler since that storm a few days ago. 
I remember one time I was in Pacug, it was extremely hot, water had around 26°C - when you jumped into the water, you felt like you continued sweating, just in the water. Then, at some point, a huge storm came over night. When I went to jump in the water the next day, it felt like I jumped into a freezer. I think it cooled down to around 18°C, so it was quite a shock to the system. I kind of hope for that cooler water situation to be a thing when we get there on Monday. Well, as long as I won't be cold when I get out of water, I'll be a happy child.

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