Monday, 6 July 2015

Day 186 of 365: British GP

After what was probably the most surprising start and an unexpected turn in events in the last third of the race, at the end it was Lewis Hamilton who picked up the winning trophy after all. This is probably how you could describe British GP at Silverstone today in one sentence. 
When I tuned in 10 minutes late to the start (because lunch), I didn't expect that I'd already see 4 drivers out, and then another 3 following them throughout the race. What was even more surprising, to I think all of us, was Massa and Botas leading the way in front of both Mercedes drivers? I'll be honest, when I first checked the leaderboard on F1 website I thought it was a mistake. Until I saw that rare phenomenon on my computer screen. 
What then bugged me through the whole race, was how the director seemed to only focus on Mercedes cars and cars they were battling with. You know, when during other races, there is a bit of attention on most of drivers, they show when there's a battle for, I don't know, 7th place, 12th place and so on? When they actually show laps from cameras on cars of drivers who are further back on the grid? I didn't notice that happening yesterday. Now someone tell me if I was just blind from stress of studying, or was it really the case, that the main focus of yesterday's race were both Mercedes cars and well, a bit of Williams, until they got lost somewhere behind Vettel?
However, at the end, podium looked like it already did a lot of times this year, with Hamilton, Rosberg and Vettel on first three places shared between them, in one combination or another. I was quite happy with the fact that Ferrari managed to climb up on the podium (me being their fan is kind of what I grew up with, as uncle is the biggest Ferrari fan). And for that I guess we can say thank you to that surprise package of rain that came from somewhere towards the end of the race.
Also, how adorably happy was Alonso at the end for getting his first point this season? 

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