Friday, 3 July 2015

Day 184 of 365: Serial

Here's a thing: when I find a new show that I really like, I have to watch every single episode from the start in the shortest time period possible. Not that this (me really liking a show) happens often, I mean, it only happened a few times up until now, but it does happen, okay. And now I ventured from TV series to podcasts apparently.
I've heard about Serial podcast at some point last year already, I've also had a bookmark to their site in my 'check out' folder, but never got around to listening to it. Until two days ago. Because, well obviously, trust me to start watching/listening to a new thing while I really should be studying. However; I started listening to Serial two days ago, without actually knowing what's it all about. I just knew they were solving a crime. And that was enough to have my attention.
Then, a few episodes in on a first day, I realised 'wait, this is an actual case that happened 16 years ago, that they're talking about here'. This might sound like an unimportant detail, but in reality, on how everything is evolving and especially on how it ends, the fact that it's an actual real life case, seems the only logical thing here. You see, I'll be honest here, if this was a made up story, I'd be disappointed by the ending. Yes, I did listen to all 12 episodes in three days, in case you were wondering. But seeing as this is a real life case the ending seems satisfying, even though we're far from having all the answers. And with that, I am a bit disappointed that working on the same case won't continue into the next season.
I could write probably an entire novel here about this podcast and what I think of it, the story, the characters, who I think did anything, but I'd give away way too many spoilers and no one would want to read that anyways. Not even me.
So for today, here's a recommendation to go give Serial podcast a chance if you haven't already, and maybe give me some ideas for any other podcasts I could listen to. 

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