Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Day 182 of 365: Something For Blonde Hair

Leeeeet's talk about this pair on the picture above. Today I stocked up on these two, it's my go-to summer hair combination (also in rotation with a shampoo that's supposed to revive hair colour). I've been dying my hair blonde for 2 years now and I started out with the darkest blonde shade, or the thing with the least amount of peroxide or something like that? I'm not a hair expert, I'd rather not dye my hair myself as it would probably turn disastrous, so I entrust that job to my hairdresser. However, even though I've had my roots dyed with lighter shade every time, during summer, I'm very much relying on sun to do it's job with helping my hair go lighter. And if I have a shampoo and conditioner to help the sun lighten my hair, than that's a perfect combination.
This is basically probably the cheapest shampoo and conditioner you can get in drugstore, at around 1,60€ each. But they do their jobs. So bring on the heatwave with loads of sun (and temperatures only up to 35°C please, thank you). The only problem will be trying to match the colour of my roots to the rest of hair, when a visit to hairdresser comes around on schedule again...

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