Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Day 181 of 365: A Month In Instagram Posts

It's that time of the month - time to see what happened on my Instagram in past 30 days.

1. Okay, so June started out really warm, summery hot even and if I didn't want to cook slowly, the best possible clothing option were skirts. The only problem with these is, that wind tends to lift them a bit too high up... 2. Short but sweet cherry season. My granddad has a cherry tree and then every year in May/June he brings a few buckets around. Last year was a bit of a draught on cherries, but this year I ate so many I almost felt a bit sick. Almost. 3. I don't really have a morning routine or whatever, but a cup of Irish cream cappuccino is a necessary part of my mornings. Preferably on my balcony, soaking up morning sun. 4. Here's a thing - I used to drink a lot of processed juices, with lots of sugar and other things that are not exactly healthy in big (or not so big) amounts. And I wasn't the biggest fan of water. Then, on a click basically, I switched the other way around; now I only drink water (lots of it) (besides my daily dose of tea, occasional smoothie and that cup of coffee from previous picture) and the only juice, that doesn't make me feel like I just drank flavoured coloured water with lots of sugar in it is fresh orange juice. Or the one from the store that claims to be 100% natural. 5. Well, let's put it this way: my brother probably hates me for making him run with me 3-5 times a week. So when he takes a bike instead of running, he's a bit less grumpy. And it means we can take our (my) run a little further. Which then sometimes results in having a 15 minutes break for me to take millions of pictures of nice landscapes. Or him in front of landscapes. Just for a record, he's not too fond of those pictures. I love them. 6. Another perk of running in the evenings - ever changing cloud shapes and sun shining through them, while everything looks like heaven has just opened. Sometimes I'd just stop and staaaare (continues singing that song). 7. Oh oh, I went to see my first musical ever (excitedly moves around in my chair). I got last minute chance to go see Mamma mia! and it was awesome. Although weird, because all songs were in Slovenian. 8. It's ice cream season! I mean, I know generally it's ice cream season all year round, but in summer it just has some kind of special feel to it. And I discovered a new flavour of ice cream. Schwarzwald something. Yum. 9. To finish a month, I went to my best friend and her boyfriend's 'Burger and fest' party, where they basically fed us with delicious burgers. And then added great coffee and dreamy tiramisu into the mix. I rolled back into my car to get home...

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