Monday, 29 June 2015

Day 180 of 365: Sparkles

Okay, so. Glitter nail varnishes are overrated. At least those ones with large chunks of shiny things in it, I think I have nothing against those tiny sparkles filled nail varnish bottles. Yet.
I found this Avon Opal something top coat in my nail varnish collection today. It was a nice surprise, you know, the kind where you go 'oooo, I forgot I had that, let's use it today!'. The thing was, I got this as a birthday present once, but my nails were too short for me to wear and coloured nail varnish, so I put it away and then kind of forgot about its existence.
So then today I happily painted this top coat above my already existing few layers of colour. The first problem occurred already in the process of painting, because these glitter-y flakes seem to be really hard to be put on properly. Firstly, those chunks sometimes barely come off of the brush, sometimes all of them get on on two square milimeters of your nail, then they allocate in the weirdest form and when you try to straighten things up at least a little bit you push them all towards the end of the nail, so some of them almost fall off. Then if and when you manage to actually make them look a bit nicely spread over your nail, you realise, that your nail now feels like gravel surface. Even if you put another layer of clear top coat over it. But I mean, maybe it's just that I'm used to and most comfortable with smooth finish of a top coat... And don't get me wrong, it does look quite pretty at the end, it's just the process of applying and the final feeling result that really bugs me.
I hope this is not just me being an idiot and not knowing how to put a glitter flakes varnish on properly. Please someone tell me that's not the case?

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