Sunday, 28 June 2015

Day 178 of 365: Burgers

Today was a good day for a burger. I must admit, I'm not a McDonald's fan, I've never eaten any type of McBurger thing. And I've also never eaten a proper, home made, actually good food type of burger. Until today. My lovely best friend decided that she'll stop keeping her boyfriend's cooking just for herself and invited us over for some kind of burger party, where the main part was played by burgers, obviously. They were good. So good. And you could hear how good they were, because there was a complete silence behind the table, you just saw a bunch of people happily eating their burgers.
To top it up, later on I got a coffee and tiramisu. I managed to get a picture of my coffee, but when it came to tiramisu, I already knew how delicious it was, so I kind of didn't have time to snap a photo of it, before it was too late.
I couldn't possibly say that I left the place hungry, more like I was so full, that even my dessert stomach couldn't take any more food. Though I was thinking about making a joke that I'm now off to get a pizza, but then they'd probably kill me for that, so I withheld that comment. And rolled out of the building towards my car.

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