Friday, 26 June 2015

Day 176 of 365: National Holiday

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Today is a statehood day in Slovenia. On this day, 25 June 1991, Slovenia formally declared independence from Yugoslavia. And a few days later armed conflicts started between Slovenian Territorial Defence and Yugoslav National Army as there was 10-days war for Slovenia's independence. They say there was a total 76 victims and lots of material damage. I must say, I watched a short documentary on the war today on TV, and my god there were some psychos with big egos on Yugoslavia's side. So now this really speedy history lesson is over, but the general point is: Happy birthday Slovenia! 24 years old already. While watching that documentary and seeing footage of houses being burned or shot down and dead people lying on the ground after an air raid, my mom was browing through her memories about that time and how she woke up one day and thought there are air planes flying really low, while in reality there were 20-30 tanks driving by the house. And then proceeded to remind me that this was all happening 2 years before I was born. Aren't I a young gal, eh?

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