Monday, 15 June 2015

Day 166 of 365: Water Spring

Here's today's pit stop from our running adventure. Not that far away from our house, next to the fields, there lies a water spring. And water that comes out here is actually warm. You can't feel it being too warm during summer, but if you visit this place during winter, it's pretty obvious. This spring then fills up a little pool that's next to it. This whole scene is a really nice and relaxing place, when empty. Not so nice and relaxing, when people come here with cars and drink and party and are generally really loud. We (me and my brother) were lucky enough to come to an empty place today, so we decided to interrupt our run for a bit and just relax there and take a few pictures. I might or might not have almost just cancelled the run and sit there on a bench for the next few hours...

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