Sunday, 14 June 2015

Day 165 of 365: It Rained

It really did, I swear. Heavily. For about half an hour. But after two weeks of non-stop sunshine and around 30°C throughout the day, the ground is so warm now, that the road looks almost like nothing happened an hour after the last raindrop fell.
But damn, it felt good. The rain, I mean. Today was one of those days, when there wasn't actually much sun - because of layers of clouds - but it was hot and humid and thank god for the wind, that made everything a bit more tolerable. Then finally, in the evening, the clouds tore and let the rain and cold air upon us. That sounds like something from a fairytale or something... no? Only me?
Meteorologists are now predicting at least a week of not so hot temperatures, which would be kind of great, but at the same time looking at weather forecast, I doubt it'll actually cool down... I'm not really sure whether I like it or not... Because, well, it's summer, bring on sun and high temperatures, but at the same time, can it rain a bit for another four weeks, so it's easier for me to study? 

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