Friday, 12 June 2015

Day 163 of 365: Morning Coffee Mug Mini Photoshoot

As of March 25th, I now have designated morning coffee mug. I know the exact date, because it's Mother's day in Slovenia that day and this year I bought my mum two coffee mugs, one for her and one for me, so we can have matching mugs for our morning coffee ritual. I say ritual, it's more her way of getting me out of bed on days when I don't have classes, when she calls me and says 'c'mon get up and make us a cop of coffee' and then we drink it while chatting about everything. Needless to say it still takes me too long to get out of bed. However today was one of those days, when she had to go out of the house before I was in fully functioning state, so I had my coffee by myself, while scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed. And it was one of those days, when I realised, that morning coffee mug gets empty way too fast for my liking. Then I figured I'd share that finding with the world and went on a mission to take a nice photo of said designated mug. It turned out to be quite a little photo session, with lots of similar photos - of course - but since nothing more exciting happened today, I guess I'll just share those.

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