Thursday, 11 June 2015

Day 161 of 365: Study, Study, Study

Here we are, the exam period. Time of painful sitting behind books 24/7 for a month. The thing is, I love my course, I really do. It is quite interesting overall, but the problem is, as it is with every course, that it comes with stuff that are boring as hell, but you still need to push through them.
I always lacked motivation for studying. I got through primary school with mostly A's without even opening a notebook. In high school I was always lazy - I studied a bit when there was absolutely no other choice if I didn't want to fail - and managed to also get through without any big problems. Then came university. A place, that taught me (and is still teaching me in fact), that you won't get anywhere in life without hard work. So now, when the time comes I devote my life to books. And when I need motivation to work, I go and watch Casey Neistat's videos. 
So, I am now entering the study zone. If posts get a bit weird and not readable, we know what to blame. I might still have some flashes of non-boring content, but for a month I need to focus on passing this year. Wish me luck.

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