Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Day 160 of 365: Summer Storms

We've had a solid week and a half or two of hot weather around here. Basically it almost feels like with June appearing on calendar, summer turned a switch on and said 'well here I am, now deal with me'. And with summer, there come summer storms. Those storms, that just appear after a sunny day, with loads of lightning and thunder going on all around. Now these are one of my favourite parts of summer. There's something in watching lightning from my balcony and listening to thunder that strangely calms me down. One of the best memories from last summer was the last night of my job at the seaside, when we were just sitting on the beach, late at night, watching crazy lightning going on in the middle of the sea. At that moment I thought 'well, I could just sit here and watch this forever'. I wasn't even exaggerating. 
And, if you're somewhere inside, while watching storms going on, the third calming factor is light rain. Not the one, where you feel like it'll wash away the ground, but the one, that's barely audible, just quietly rustling in the background. Like a soundtrack to a content life.

Well, that was a little flow of thought for today (can you tell I'm not really good at it?)... I'd insert a picture of a lightning, but sadly, I have none. I swear there used to be a video of lightnings happening around 15 km from our house, that I watched from my balcony once, but God knows, where that video is now.
I'll now go to bed with that soundtrack of light rain quietly playing in the background. (How poetic was that?) Goodnight. 

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