Monday, 8 June 2015

Day 159 of 365: Favourite Five - Books

I don't know if I mentioned this already, but I used to be a big book worm. Throughout primary school there were many nights, when I'd sit in bed, with only a bed lamp turned on, reading till 3 am. Then I got to high school and, I don't really know why, in the evenings I was a lot of times too tired to pick up a book. Even reading during the day got really reduced, because of all the 'I need to study, I need to read school books, not the ones I'd rather get lost into' - even though then usually the internet happened and studying became a distant memory. 
However, I am now trying to read more again, and even if books were a bit pushed back in my priorities for some time, they still were and are my favourite way to get into an imaginary world. I mean, if you asked me to pick between books and movies, I'll always say books. Movies are also nice, but books are better. Books allow you to make your own pictures of characters and situations in your head, while movies have all of that pretty much already sorted out.
Now here I have 5 of my favourites so far:

1. C.S. Lewis - The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. First I saw this movie, then I saw the first movie and after that I went to library and took home all 7 books, packed them in a suitcase and read them all in a week I spent in Greece that summer. I really liked all of them, but I think Caspian was my favourite. Well, that was 7 years ago and I read them in Slovenian. Since then I'm on a hunt for English versions, to have on my book shelf. I only found Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader so far. I'm still searching for the other 5. 

2. Maria Gripe - The Dung-Beetle Flies At Dusk. On picture above is a Slovenian version of this, I think I read it when I was around 10 years old. I might need to read it again, because I remember it being about a few kids discovering something, some old Egyptian statue (I love everything that includes ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome) and the fact that it was really interesting. 

3. Oscar Wilde - The Picture of Dorian Gray. This one was actually a part of studying plan in high school, but we never read the entire piece, just talked about it and the writer. And once our Slovenian teacher played us the first part of the movie, when we had and hour to kill. Since then I had this book on my to-read list. And I was one happy kid, when I found it in an antique bookshop. Loved the story, and I didn't really mind a picture of Ben Barnes as Dorian Gray in the back of my mind, to be honest...

4. Gillian Flynn - Gone Girl. The book e v e r y o n e was talking about. Or is talking about. I'm sure that even if you didn't read the book or seen the film, you know what's going on in it. I loved the book. I loved that I didn't know how it'll end until the end, I kind of loved how the ending wasn't what you'd expect (although it's quite a fucked up ending), I loved how for the first half of the book you have this picture of everything in your head and then it just turns upside down. I then saw the movie and I didn't really like it at all. 

5. Stieg Larsson - Millennium trilogy. In this case I can't just pick one of the books. I have to include all three of them. If you don't know what's going on, it's about this girl, who is a computer genious and a journalist, each of them with not so brilliant past and all that. I read that a couple of years ago and since then I'm trying to forget what happened, so I can see the movies. I think I'm now at that point, when I can watch the movies and not think 'this is NOT what happened in the books' all the time.

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