Sunday, 7 June 2015

Day 158 of 365: Late Night

We got to that part of the year, when the only time you're not boiling hot is either under cold shower or outside from 10 pm till probably around 6 am. It's 11 pm right now and the temperature dropped to pleasant 23°C, which makes it perfect for sitting on my balcony in sweatpants and a hoodie, with my laptop on a little table, spending time on the internet or watching movies. It's really calm, I can only hear faint sounds of cars driving in the distance, on a rare occasion one drives by our house, there's a sound of river somewhere in the background as well, a million stars are shining in the sky (that I'd really like to take a picture of, but only dark sky will show, unfortunately), there are Muse singing in my headphones. The only complaint I have is that street light in front of our house could shine a little less bright, or maybe even turn off and if mosquitoes could get as far away as possible, that would also be great, thanks. I might actually need to get back inside, if I don't want to be bitten and/or eaten alive. My foot is already very itchy...

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