Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Day 154 of 365: Snickers? Nope, it's Muahaha!

Okay, here's my highlight of the day story:
Absentmindedly I walked to one of the vending machines at my faculty today. I wanted a chocolate and the one in Snickers colours looked quite appealing. So I pressed the number and waited for my chocolate to fall out. Only when I picked it up, I realised, the name of the chocolate bar wasn't really Snickers, it was a Muahaha! Snickers Special Edition. With the little monster from their commercial printed on the side (I love this monster, the commercial with the monster is my favourite). Looking back to the vending machine, the rest of chocolates in that row were normal Snickers. I hope mine wasn't the only example of special edition, because then I'd feel really bad for throwing that wrapper away... However, the quiestion is, Snickers, what's going on? 

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