Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Day 90 of 365: Self-portrait

Photo challenge day 30.
This is it, the final day of this little march photo challenge. It's been a weird one, because I didn't really check all days and prepare for them in advance, I just kind of went with it and was surprised with the challenge each day. At some point (or more of them) I also came home really tired and not in the state to form coherent sentences, making some posts weird and probably unreadable. But I'm finishing it the way I started it, with a self-portrait. #Selfie and all that.
So today has been another no-classes-at-uni-so-I'm-sleeping-till-9-and-taking-forever-to-drink-my-tea days. I really like those days. No thinking which bus I have to catch to get anywhere on time and how early I have to wake up for anything, just happily sipping my cup of tea (that I of course made and then forgot about for 45 minutes again), watching the newest episode of Castle and then slowly opening some books to be at least a little bit productive today. There's only one thing bugging me a little bit - all weather sites were predicting lots of sun for today, but failed to mention a bunch of clouds standing in the way, so not waking up to extreme light, especially if you're expecting it, is a bit sad. But what can we do, there's still another chance for that tomorrow.

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