Sunday, 29 March 2015

Day 88 of 365: Flowers

Photo challenge day 28.
I think we can all agree, that flowers bought in flower shops are beautiful, but little flowers that grow on meadows can be equally as pretty. And some of them are even more useful to be honest. Because they can be used in teas and we all know tea is a cure for everything (when it comes to herbal tea, different herbs quite literally can probably cure almost everything). For example this one on the picture above. Yarrow happens to be one of my favourites, because during that time of the month yarrow tea is more helpful than any painkillers really. Although it's not exactly the nicest tea (I mean it's not that bad, but I drank tea with nicer taste), it can be made more tolerable with some sugar. 
Now I think I'm running out of stock on this one, I'll need to go get a new dose soon...

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