Sunday, 22 March 2015

Day 81 of 365: Faceless Self-Portrait

Photo challenge day 21.
Soooo, faceless self-portraits are weird? Or maybe it's just me that looks weird? Actually, the second option would be more accurate. 
However, the point of picture is not really me (although self portrait is the title of the post), but the floppy disc I pulled out of a cupboard the other day. Because what could be a better way to watch the solar eclipse, than with a floppy disc? Being old school and all that jazz. And for once it wasn't a cloudy day, we had a clear sky to observe how sun partially hid behind the moon. Because we were in the "lane"(?), where we only saw like 50% or less of the Sun being covered. It still looked awesome though. 
Now, the thing that bothers me with the little big old as hell storage holding pieces of technology is, that there's no computer in the house that can still read floppy discs. Because I would quite like to see, what this one is hiding. It could be empty, or all 1.44MB (!) (so much space on a floppy disc) could be filled with one poor quality picture or a few notepad files. Who knows....

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