Thursday, 19 March 2015

Day 78 of 365: Your Shoes

Photo challenge day 18.
These are my favourite. Just white Converse All Stars. Okay, they're a few years old, so they're not in the whitest state anymore, but I don't care. Some say that Converse All Stars are meant to be not clean, so when you buy new ones, you need to get them a bit dirty right away. However, dirty or not dirty, these are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Or maybe the second most comfortable. The first place belongs to my first pair of All Stars, the black/green ones. I mean, if these white ones are a pair of really comfy shoes, then the black and green ones feel like walking around in slippers. I'd wear them during winter, in the highest snow, if possible, but my toes would probably freeze and fall off, so I spent the cold months in boots. But now, when there's spring again, right out these come. 

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