Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Day 77 of 365: Technology

Photo challenge day 17.
Technology? Yeees. Here's a selection of things I found in my little technology drawer. The drawer mainly consists of my old phones, that I'm too emotionally attached to, to give them away and then there's a bunch of cables and some CDs, a few memory cards, some adapters and a few phone chargers. But what we are seeing on the picture above is:
1. Phones. Can you tell I'm a Sony/Sony Erisccon fan? No? Well, my first new phone I ever got is in the top left corner, the Alcatel OT-C552. Before that I had mum's old Philips phone that later my brother got and is now probably lost; and my first phone was my dad's old Nokia 5110, that actually still works! And battery lasts for years. Okay, I just totally went of theme and nothing of what I just said confirms the "being a big Sony Ericsson fan" theory. However, this does: the first phone I bought with my own money was the Sony Ericsson K610i (the one next to Alcatel). After that came SE K660i (the black one with red line), then SE W350 (the white walkman-like one), after that there was SE W705 (the pretty little one next to the old walkman) and then the era of touch screen phones began for me, with Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (bottom right corner) being my first love. And that was the last Sony Ericsoon I had, because then Sony bought Ericsson, so after going crazy because of Arc's 300MB of internal memory and apps getting bigger and bigger I saved up for a new baby: Sony Xperia Z (i'm still in the same family, ha). Then I broke it - the first phone I e v e r broke and then I bought a new one. Yes, exact same white Xperia Z, that I'm still using now. Don't judge me.
2. Music playing devices. (?)  I'm not sure if there's another term for that, but right now I can't come up with anything better. Let's start with the oldest one. The thing you see in the top right corner is a Panasonic cassette player. This was the first thing I had to listen to music. Then came a CD player, but I'm not sure where that is at the moment. Then there's the Philips mp4 player, that succeeded two mp3 players that are also somewhere in the room. One of them was once washed in a washing machine with my jeans and magically still worked, when dad dismantled, dried and fixed it a bit. Aaaaand then I met the iPods. The first one I had was the purple shuffle one, it still serves me great. The only problem is, it only has 2GB of storage, so sometimes I can't even get my small playlist on it, oops. The other iPod is the nano with a camera, that I got, because I needed to learn titles and artists for around 50 songs for music test, so I listened to iPod with a screen (so I could see titles) on a bus drive every morning.
3. Erm... What category do I put a bluethooth speaker in? However, oh look, another Sony Ericsson product. Just a bluetooth speaker, for taking calls in cars without using your hands. I never really used that, I just got it from my dad, who once bought it and never used it either. It now stands on a shelf so I can call my brother into the next room with it, or it sleeps in the drawer.

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