Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Day 76 of 365: Long Exposure

picture found on Google
Photo challenge day 16.
How do I do the long exposure thing with my phone camera? Seriously though, I have no idea about photography, I just snap pictures with my phone. So, as a consequence of that, today's picture was found on Google images. Oops. Although I think I did do the long exposure shot once. It was in elementary school (soo long ago... I think it might be 7 years?) in art class, where our teacher brought the camera and we came to school really early, so it was still dark outside and then we stood in front of the camera with flashlights and danced around and wrote words in the air. And then we waited for the pictures to be developed from the film, because we were old school like that. The pictures did come out pretty good if I remember correctly, I just sadly don't know where mine is now. 

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