Sunday, 15 March 2015

Day 74 of 365: Eyes

Photo challenge day 14.
Here's my eye in kind of a rough state, with no make-up on (only a lash curler was used) and some allergy going on at the moment (hence the white bits of skin all around it). This was taken early this morning, a few hours after I woke up, before I realised that it was time to find that eye cream my doctor gave me for the case of dry skin on and below my eyelid. It's funny how I don't even know I have dry skin around my eyes until I touch my eyelid at some point. Or see it on a picture. And then the only thing I can think about is, how annoying is the feeling of it. That's why today I just normally woke up at 6.30 and tucked under a blanket on my chair watched first F1 race of the season, before the crazy eye allergy appeared and needed to be tackled down. I think the cream I used is a pretty powerful weapon for that, so now it's 1:0 for me.

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