Saturday, 14 March 2015

Day 73 of 365: Yourself With 13 Things

Photo challenge day 13.
I gathered 13 things that are either my favourites, used regularly or found myself enjoying today. So here we go:

1. Aladdin water bottle - need to drink loads of water. This helps with the task. A lot.
2. Big comb - why use a small comb if you can have an enormous one?
3. iPod nano - this one's from those times, when nano didn't have touch screen yet, but had a camera. It's around 5,5 years old and still works as if it was new.
4. Journal - my little orange notebook, that holds my schedule and all other crap I decide to put in it.
5. Hair tie - because I would go mad without it. I love my long hair, but sometimes I want to cut it of and that's when the hair tie comes in.
6. Computer - yep.
7. Apple-pumpkin pie - mum made this the other day, it's delicious.
8. Monster phone case - this is the one that broke my previous phone, but now I cut of the pearls that were sewn in as teeth, so I can use it again without fear of breaking another phone.
9. Green peppermint tea - I love green tea and I love peppermint tea. Combination of both is just the perfect thing.
10. Nail varnish - ArtDeco Natural French Look no.189. Love the shade.
11. Headphones - I used to use them a lot more, recently I try to just go that hour without music and just listen to world around me. Headphones come handy when there's that douchebag on the bus, who listens to music on speakers.
12. Wreck This Journal - I still can't bring myself to do some of the things that are written in it.
13. Rings - the one on the thumb has been with me for 7 years, the one on the middle finger for three. I got so used to them, that now I feel lost if I don't have them on.

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