Friday, 13 March 2015

Day 72 of 365: Sunset

Photo challenge day 12.
This one's from a weekend spent at Bled two weeks ago. At this point the sun was already mostly hidden behind the mountains, after shining so bright earlier on, that we couldn't see the island, that's in the middle of the lake, from where we were standing. Bled is a beautiful place with it's lake and the island being a cherry on top. There's a ton of ducks swimming around the lake, with quite a few swans and some black birds with white beaks (I have no idea how they're called) to keep them company. You can also take a stroll or a jog, if you wish, around the lake. It's probably a good hour and a half or two of walking, but there's a road all the way around so it's a nice walk. We did around a third of a circle the second night of staying there and needed about half an hour for that. It was just a tiny little bit creepy, with a few big mansions and dark water on one side and forest on the other, because we went at 1 am, but it felt refreshing none the less. The whole weekend was bright and sunny, if it were a few °C warmer, I'd like it even more, but you can't really expect that at the end of February, right?

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