Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Day 70 of 365: Childhood Memory

Photo challenge day 10. 
Looking back at pictures is always a fun task that usually ends up in hours browsing through old memories and stopping at some photos for some time with a debate (with someone else or in my head) about the time when photo was taken and how much I do/don't remember it. Well, here I am, dressed in something most likely my mum sew together, with an apple/piece of bread (who knows) in front of a log cabin at my grand parents backyard, that was still in process of building. We lived at that house at the time, in a tiny loft flat, where I didn't have my own room, with grandparents living a floor or two below us and I remember saying that the log house will be my room once it's build. Funnily enough it ended up being a storage place for all garden things and bicycles and everything else. (I did get my own room once we moved to our own house.)

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