Friday, 6 March 2015

Day 65 of 365: From a High Angle

Photo challenge day 5.
I lost a few centimetres of my beloved hair today:( But on the other side, my roots are blonde again:)
Before I first dyed my hair I went to hairdressers once every six months. Now these visits kind of need to be more frequent if I wish to maintain that colour, especially at the top of my head (roots, yes). I do need to convince myself every single time, that apart from dying my hair, I also need to have a little trim of my poor split ends, so they can be healthier and all that kind of stuff. Because, well, I always wanted very long hair (somewhere around waist length), so I went to cut them every six months, to let them grow meanwhile, but they seemed to only grow to the mid back length, which was quite frustrating. Then, with first attempt of going blonde, I started going back every two months, chopped just a little bit of split ends in hope of making my hair grow a little faster and longer, because everyone always says that you need to cut your hair every 6 - 8 weeks if you want them to be healthier and longer, but the damn theory doesn't really work on me... I think. I mean just yesterday my hair was actually about a centimetre longer that what I remember it to be the longest before, but now they're around 3 or 4 cm shorter, so I'm at the starting point again. Oh well, maybe some day I'll live to see my hair be the length I want it to be. Until then, I'll complain about it every now and again and sometimes think about going the other way and chop them off to shoulder length. Ha, as if.

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