Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Day 62 of 365: What I Wore Today

Photo challenge day 2!
Yesterday I tried wandering around in a softshell jacket and fleece hoodie, but realised at some point that while it was theoretically warm enough for thinner layers of clothing, I'm still the one that's always cold, so I switched back to my black winter coat for today. And because there can never be too much black in an outfit I also jumped into black trousers and black t-shirt, that you can't see because it's underneath the knitted jumper that looks waaay too red on this picture. It should be more on a dark burgundy side of colours. However. Since walking around bare feet at this time of the year would be extremely weird I put on a pair of boots that I love, although they're still trying to resist and make my feet hurt if I walk in them for too long. For the end there's my laptop bag, because I spent half of the day at uni.

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