Saturday, 28 February 2015

Day 59 of 365: A Month From My Phone Photo Album

Let's take a look back through past month, via my phone photo album.

1. Breakfast time with a sandwich and a cup of tea. 2. Sometimes the sky just goes the most insanely beautiful coloured in the evenings. Too bad my phone doesn't pick up all the colours... 3. It was a gorgeous morning with full on sunshine and waiting for bus was too boring. 4. You have actually already seen this picture, but this is my university (the main building), pictured the same glorious day as the shadow one. There was still some snow in the city at the time. 5. Healthy snack time! I was baking the two ingredient cookies a day before and took some with me to uni next day, with some almonds and raspberries. Yoom. 6. I think this was my view while waiting for an exam. It is kind of depressing when there's so much sun outside and we were stuck inside al nervous. 7. It's singing time again! After all the exams I could finally get back to choir practice, can't wait for the concert on April 19th. 8. We had some lovely apples at information days at uni. They had hearts on them! 9. Bus rides home are appropriate for reading a book or sleeping. I admit I do usually sleep, but that day was meant for book reading apparently. 10. Slooooveeeniiaaa! Peter Prevc the winner and the world record holder for being the first man to jump/fly over 250m. We're proud. 11. Brother bought a new chair, it's soooo nice to sit on, because it doesn't just drop suddenly when you sit on it, like the previous one did. 12. Pancake day. Do I need to say more? 13. This is a little plastic bag that holds a few of my favourite tea bags and goes everywhere with me. 14. More teeeaaaa. It's easier to sleep with a cup of green tea before bed time. 15. I don't know, sometimes I take a selfie and in very rare cases I don't delete it straight after it's taken. I had a good hair day. 16. Well this happens, when my brother has enough of waiting for mum to make his favourite lunch, He goes and cooks it himself. This is mushroom soup in bread bowl in case you were wondering, It was delicious.

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