Sunday, 22 February 2015

Day 53 of 365: Missing Pieces in My Wardrobe

*all pictures were found on world wide web*

Here's the thing, I'm not on the massive side of wardrobes. I do have quite a few clothes, but majority of them are basic t-shirts, long and short sleeved and in various colours or some even with some questionable motives, because my mum thinks you can never have too many basic t-shirts and also I have accumulated a special pile of promotional t-shirts over the years. Up until last year there was a large percent of clothes in my wardrobe I didn't even look at anymore, let alone wear them and I was always too lazy to get my mess of a wardrobe cleaned. Then I watched 'the wardrobe week' videos on Viviannadoesmakeup and suddenly had an urge to throw away everything but those 10% of clothes I actually wear. So I got into 'spring cleaning' my wardrobe sometime in the middle of August last year and the result was a large pile of clothes to donate or throw away (because thank you moths for making little but noticeable holes in my tops). There are still about 5 different piles of short, long and sleeveless tops/t-shirts, but I'll get on that at some other time.
What I did realise is that even though I already have enough clothes, I'm still missing on a few pieces that I feel my wardrobe needs to be in it's best condition. And they are as follows:

1. Disco pants
2. Low waist jeans
3. Leather jacket
4. Loose striped top
5. Court shoes
6. Blanket scarf
7. Long sleeved denim shirt
8. Winter coat (I need a new one, because current one will probably only last till the end of this season)
9. Black jeans
10. Turtleneck top
11. Nice shorts

Now I have decided, I won't go shopping for those, because we all know, that when you're searching for something you definitely won't find it. So mindlessly browsing through shops when having two hour breaks between uni lessons it is. Wish me luck.

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