Saturday, 21 February 2015

Day 52 of 365: My Little Carry-Everything Pouch

I usually had things scattered all over my bags, then I decided to end it and get myself a pouch or two to carry little necessities around in a more organised manner. So this is my little 'everything' pouch, with all the small things that seem pointless, but are often very needed. I got it for I think around 7€ in C&A and it has red interior. How cool is that?
So let's go through the content. I always carry with me one too many lip balms. There are three in here, but I use Blistex lip relief cream the most. Then there is also a lipstick, the only one I own (alright, the only one I wear), it's from Essence in shade Natural Beauty (07). Right above said lipstick is a hand cream from L'Occitane, the small size I got as a gift in the shop once, when I purchased something else, I think it was a Christmas gift for my mum. Another two beauty things are a mini perfume from Marie Colette and concealer from CV. And a concealer brush from Catrice to go with it. Next thing I carry with me, which is probably a bit weird, because I never really need it out of the house, are my tweezers and a little sewing kit I stole from a hotel in Germany I was in last summer. What can I say, you can never be to prepared, right? What did I forget, oh, there are also some bobby pins - because I get annoyed with my fringe, some blisters - because sometimes some of my shoes turn on me, a pocket mirror, some chewing gum, a pen, a nail file and a USB flash drive.
But even with all these stuff, the pouch isn't totally full yet, so sometimes some painkillers or peppermint tea bags also find their way in.

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