Saturday, 14 February 2015

Day 45 of 365: Favourite Five - Winter

It's February, it's still cold and there's still snow outside, therefore it's still winter. I usually get this feeling, that everyone treats December as winter and after new year everybody is in anticipation of spring. Which is weird, considering that winter only starts on 21st of December and lasts till 23rd of March or something. So right now we are still left with some chances for some more snow and cold temperatures. I'm not a really big fan of cold weather since I'm always feeling cold anyways, but I still hope (probably a bit optimistic) that a week or two of freezing temperatures will kill all the mosquitoes, so they won't be able to bug me during summer.
However, here are five of my favourite things when it comes to winter.

1. Snow. What is winter without snow? Although I admit it can be annoying in cities, because it turns into dirty slush that is just everywhere. But it's lovely to have snow on the countryside, because the sight of it is pretty, you get a bit of workout with shoveling your courtyard and it's building material for snowmen and igloos. And the feeling of being inside with a cup of tea and a book while there's snowing outside is just ideal.

2. Fluffy socks. We all love a pair of fluffy socks. The coziest thing in the world. I mean they are appropriate for any part of a year if it gets colder, but I feel like they are an essential thing in winter.

3. Hot chocolate. Again something that could be drank throughout the whole year, but has that special charm during winter. My current stock consists of marshmallow flavoured one. Yum. 

4. Snuggling under a blanket on a bean bag. With a good book in hand, I could stay in there forever (that wouldn't even be hard, since standing up from that bag is one of the most complicated maneuvers sometimes).

5. Winter tea. You know that type of fruit tea that contains apples and cinnamon and sometimes orange or cloves? Exactly. 

Now excuse me while I'm off to read a book in my bean bag, with a cup of tea next to me. 

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award!