Thursday, 12 February 2015

Day 43 of 365: Argan Oil

First things first: I have quite dry skin, especially during winter, and stubborn skin at all times of the year. Meaning it'll break out with every change it goes through, may that be hormones or a new skincare product. That's why in past I abandoned most of skincare products I tried. No matter what I did, nothing seemed to be working or making things not worse. When I used cleanser, my skin broke out, if I used moisturiser my skin broke out and so on. Until last year, when I discovered a few products that actually don't make me want to burn my face after I use them. So with that thing sorted, the problem remaining was hormonal changes that still caused a few spots once a month. Then, around two or three weeks ago, I started using argan oil.
I know, why the hell would one use oil on their skin? If you have more oily skin it seems like a weird idea, if a bit thicker moisturiser makes your face go boom (like mine) it seems like a weird idea, but the thing actually works. Because, those few weeks ago, I found argan oil in bathroom cupboard (because it was there before and I did also use it before, but just occasionally, which obviously couldn't make any difference on my skin whatsoever) and decided to give it another go. So after that I used it every evening, after I cleansed my face, instead of my moisturiser. For two or so weeks, nothing really looked or felt different, so it didn't make my face break out, which was the first plus, but then that time of the month came and there were supposed to be a few annoying little (or not so little) spots on my face. And when I looked in the mirror there were none. None. Now I believe this is either magic, or, well magic, or that idea that putting natural cosmetics on your face is the best for your skin anyway. Who knows...

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