Sunday, 8 February 2015

Day 39 of 365: Another End of a Week

It's been another pretty much uneventful week. Exam period is still a thing, so top left picture is still a standard view. This week I found all the colourful pens that were lying around my draws and pencil cases and put them together in another pencil case and in the reach of my hand to use more often. I plan to fill my journal with colours, so I'll actually look forward to using it daily and not just write in it sometimes and then forget about it most of the time. 
The much used and loved product of the week title goes to OPI's Avoplex cuticle oil. It seems like the central heating dries out the air so much, that my nails would be kind of suffering without the oil these days. Although it can be a bit annoying to use, because you can't hold pens normally or just generally use your hands normally without the fear of getting oil onto everything that comes in contact with it, until it sinks in the skin. But until it helps and keeps my nails from major breaking I'll live with the side effect.
Final bullet of this weekends post is an album that I pulled off of a shelf again. The 2nd Law has been well loved in my iTunes library, but the awesome thing I forgot was in there is a DVD with the making of the album. The thing was, when I took the album with me and tried to play it in a car, I put in the DVD instead of CD and wondered why it didn't work... Only realised my mistake a few days later, when I tried to play the DVD in my computer and there was only the making of video on the drive. But I did watch that video about 10 times since then. Makes me want to do some work in a music studio more, with every time I watch it.

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