Friday, 6 February 2015

Day 37 of 365: Snowed In

Snowed in? Not really. I think Ljubljana pulled a New York and made a huge panic about some snow storm, but I don't see any new snow outside today, which is kind of disappointing. There is still snow from the beginning of the week, but I was really hoping for a new shipment, since I don't have to go anywhere today and it would be lovely to watch a winter fairytale form inside of my warm house.
Although while I'm wishing for snow here, apparently some other parts of the country hope the weather would calm down a bit, as news sites are reporting strong wind and snowing especially south and south east of Slovenia, with all but northern borders of the country being closed. And when I checked the weather site with radar image of precipitation, it really seems like snow clouds are intentionally avoiding the capital city here.
But I do still have hope for some more snow, because I have every intention to build a snowman and an igloo in front of our house. Weather did you hear that? I hope you did.

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