Sunday, 1 February 2015

Day 32 of 365: Six Things To Start Doing

While New year is considered as the big fresh start, I think every day could be that new beginning if you want to start or stop doing something. However, starts of months sound so much more appropriate for this, don't they? This year I decided to set myself some new goals or things to start doing every month, so I have something to think about and look forward to completing and I hope they will also help me not to forget about new year's resolutions. There won't be a constant number of things every month, sometimes there can be 10, other times there'll only be one or two, but I think it's important just to keep going with it and not give up.
So here are February's six things to start doing.

1. Start waking up earlier. While in high school I woke up at 6 am, every day, without or with minimal problems. I guess it was the routine of waking up at the same time every day that made it easier. When I started going to uni, my schedule became very various for each day, so some days I start at 8, some days at 12, or 9 and this resulted in waking up at different hour each day and making early mornings so much harder to handle. Last year, when I was retaking the first year, to pass 2 more subjects until I went into second year, I spent majority of time at home. So at some point in spring I made a decision and started waking up at 7.30 each day, so I had a bit more of the day than only afternoon and evening. Now I want to start that again. Because waking up earlier is only a dreading thought when you actually have to get your bum out of bed, but looks so much better once you're up and running.

2. Go to bed earlier. Well this one relates to the previous one. If I want to wake up earlier I need to get to bed earlier than midnight or 1/2 am, so I still get that 7-8 hours of sleep, which are quite significant for normal functioning throughout the day. The goal is to be asleep at 11 pm at least. Maybe even 10:30 pm.

3. Do not put things off. Well I do that a lot. Saying 'yeah I'll do that soon' and then forget about it. I think it's time to start doing things when they need to be done, not a week after. That also applies to studying for uni, which is usually delayed to last few weeks before the exam, although it should be in progress since the first day of semester.

4. Read at least one book per month. I think I already said that in my bookshelf post, that I want to start reading more. And uni books don't count. Now with exam period being in full motion this one is hard to keep up with, but I believe starting with this month it should go through.

5. Begin yoga or meditation. Something to switch off from everything going on in life. Whether is it stress from uni or just a bad day, or even a good day, I aim to do some yoga or just sit on my bed with opened with the lady speaking to make me relax and not think about anything.

6. Add stretching to my workout routine. Now, since there's around 10 cm of snow outside and some parts of my previous running track are covered in ice and I don't want to kill myself falling over, because I'm clumsy, running is not on my workout schedule yet. However, I do do some squats and crunches and planks and the lot in the warmth of my room, but I think I should stretch for that too, since I don't want to hurt anything (for now my shoulders are already hurting, but I can't tell if it's because of lack of stretching or just some common cold coming towards me). 

(This would probably be one of the best places for yoga or meditation - Laghi di Fusine, Italy)

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