Friday, 30 January 2015

Day 30 of 365: Keeping Up With My New Year's Resolutions

With the end of the month being around the corner, I thought I'd check on how my keeping up with New year's resolutions is going. I did print them at the beginning of the month and taped them to the wall behind my desk, so I'm looking at them everyday. And some are going on very well if I say so myself. Some are yet to be executed. 
So, the 'workout more' is going on well. I've been doing some kind of stretching or yoga (for beginners, with Adriene) or squats, crunches, weight lifting and the lot almost every day (well, a day once a week for rest is necessary) for three weeks already and I am quite proud of myself. Sweating it out a bit for at least 30 minutes per day also made me feel better. I think I am almost at the stage where I don't have to convince myself to work out anymore, where it feels like a necessary part of the day. Like eating lunch or something. (have I gone too far?)
There are no problems on water-drinking part either. Apparently, you're supposed to drink at least 1,5 liters every day, or 2 if you have allergies (which I do, sadly). So 2 liters a day it is. It's funny how 2 years ago I couldn't drink water and I drank juices or iced teas or multivitamin drinks all the time and then at some point I just clicked and now all I really drink is water. And tea. And coffee sometimes. Oops.
Buuut then there's the 'procrastinate less' resolution. And the 'get organised' one. I still have to work on that. Maybe they could be in my a-month-after-new-year's resolutions. So next month I'll start planning my uni activities, so I won't forget anything and incorporate more studying into my day, so I don't leave everything to the last moment. Hope dies last, as they say...

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