Monday, 26 January 2015

Day 26 of 365: Smoothies

What you eat the first thing in the morning is actually really important and sets you for the day, but I don't think many people know that. While in high school I usually didn't eat anything in the morning, or I just took a biscuit and a glass of multivitamin drink and I was out of the house. Later throughout the day one minute I had enough energy to power a factory and the next minute I was really tired. And that went on and on. 
Then about a year and a half ago, I went to see a friend, who is a nutritionist and mentioned that problem with energy level going up and down like sine wave. The first thing she asked was if I eat breakfast and as conversation about food went on, I realised that biscuits and multivitamin drink really aren't the best choice for the first meal of the day. So I made a decision that from now on I'll start the day with fresh fruit. And I did, and I genuinely started to feel less tired during the day. 
Then my mum bought a Nutribullet and for quite some time the first loud noise of the day was the making of smoothie. But while it was really good mixing different fruit together everyday and the first impression was great (because after a smoothie I wasn't hungry until lunch and I didn't have the urge to fall asleep at 2 pm), I had to interrupt my healthy breakfast strike when the exam period at uni started, because too much fruit + stress = major stomach pains, apparently. And the thing went on for a month and even after that I didn't dare to consume too much fruit for another few months.

I did get back to smoothies this year though and this time I incorporated some vegetables into whole routine. So now I switch between all-fruit smoothies and fruit+vegetable smoothies and it works just fine. 
Today I decided to share two of my favourites. The first one is mixing a banana, a kiwi and some strawberries with added water and the other one consists of banana, some spinach and a few almonds (with added water). Surprisingly the spinach one is sweeter than the fruit one, even though I'd expect it to be the opposite, judging from the colour. 

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