Sunday, 25 January 2015

Day 25 of 365: My Book Shelf

Today I'm making a post, that will hopefully get another few parts throughout the year. Let me introduce you to my little book shelf. I used to always read books from library and only bought a book once every 100 years. Then I figured I'd like to expand my book collection and I bought a few books, a few of them came as gifts and then I took an eternity to actually read them. I used to be quite a book worm back in elementary school, but then high school and uni came and whenever I'd like to read a book I feel guilty because I should be studying, or if I don't have to study I just want to sleep most of the time.
For this year I have decided that I'll buy and read at least one book per month, so my little book shelf will get heavier with books and my head full of new stories. However, I do have quite a few books on current book ensemble that I still haven't read. Maybe that should be my first mission: to read all the books that have been sitting unread. Or maybe I'll leave it like that, for times when I'll need a fresh book, but won't be able to get a new one. But that's a thought for another day.
Right now, let's focus on a current situation.

First: Millennium trilogy. I got these for my 18th birthday from my friends and I believe it was the best birthday gift I ever got. Amazing story about an insanely smart girl and a journalist. Three books, with three different stories, but the same main theme. I read the first two quite quickly and then needed ages to read the third one. I really don't know why, but the third book then ended up going everywhere with me, had spilled water on it and so on... There are also movies out already, one american and all three in Swedish edition. I actually still haven't seen the films, because I first want to forget what happened in the books, otherwise I'll just spend the whole movie being 'nope, that didn't happen like that in the book' (I'm not saying that because it already happened at all, I swear...).

There's a bunch of Slovenian books in between. I probably read every single one of Poirot books from Agatha Christie. Sadly, only two of them are actually mine. Oh wait, there is a third one in a picture below. I read that story too, just not that exact book, because there's a problem - it's in French, so I need to level up my knowledge of French before I can read that. In other news I have a rather interesting book that has answers to rhetorical question (I still have to open that one), two journals to wreck (that I was already talking about) and The Peculiar Life of a Lonely Postman, that is the most recent addition (from last November - if you call that recent) and is the first one on the reading list.

Here's the darker part of the family (because they mostly have black covers, you see). The biggest is definitely Gone Girl. It's the latest book I read (sometime in November last year - do you see, why I need to read more?) and I reeaaallly loved it. It was a right mind play from the beginning to the end. Next to it is another one of my favourites, The Picture of Dorian Gray. That movie is also still on 'to watch' list. The last thing to find here are two collections, unfortunately neither is complete. I read all of the stories from Narnia in Slovenian and am now trying to get all of the books in English. The other collection is the Penguin Epics, which consists of 20 greatest stories ever told. I found 7 of these in an antique bookshop somewhere in Provence, so now I'm on the hunt for the other 13. 

The end of my bookshelf is represented by 4 books I had to read for my finals in high school, a veeery old edition of Antigone and 'The Murder of Tutankhamen'. The last one is for my (not really) secret love for ancient Egypt.

And for the end, here are two elephants, guarding the bookshelf.

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