Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Day 21 of 365: Easy come, easy go.

We are 3 (three!) weeks into 2015 already and (look, I managed to keep up with this blog!) I still haven't found a diary/journal for this year. Maybe I'm to picky, but I really want a nice journal, with days, and section for notes and not boring covers. And everything I pick up is either a normal notebook, a boring-covers diary (that possibly doesn't even have days sectioned for the year) or, well, costs too much for my little budget. 
So I shall search some more, until I find the perfect one, where I can store my life in. 
But during my quest that has been going on for the last three weeks I found a notebook. Okay, I found loads of notebooks I liked, but I refrained from buying every one I saw and got only one (up to this day, he). I really like it. Technically it could also be a diary, but I intend to use it for something else. For what - I don't know yet. If my brain won't come up with ideas, I'm sure Pinterest will.

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