Monday, 19 January 2015

Day 19 of 365: Birthday Celebrations

Following the birthdays last Thursday (it was my mum's and brother's birthday, as I mentioned in Thursday's post), yesterday was time for a little celebration with the family. So one part of the family came around, for an afternoon of catching up and a table full of food. And while mum spent the early afternoon preparing one pile of food, the other part was in my jurisdiction. So I made the dip I was talking about in Wednesday's post, another similar one with Pesto Genovese and the awesome brownies that eeeeeeveryone loves (recipe courtesy of Viviannadoesmakeup).
It's always nice to see your family and we only really meet all together for birthdays, even though we live relatively close to each other (busy lives and whatnot). So once again I was greeted with a massive hug from all my little cousins, who are, well, not so little anymore, but still around 10+ years younger than me, so they're little. Just like my brother is still the little one, even at his fresh 16 years of age and 180 cm of height, but that's not the point now.
The food was good, brownies disappeared pretty fast, girls were making bracelets for the entire time, while boys were playing games and we all had a nice chat, so it was a Sunday well spent.

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