Sunday, 18 January 2015

Day 18 of 365: A Lip Balm That Saves Lives

I'm pretty sure everyone has that special product that they can depend on. Whether is it a beauty or make up product, or anything else really.
Mine is a lip balm. I have that problem, all year round, but especially during winter, that my lips tend to get very dry and crack very easily and there is no lip product that can make them better. Except the Lip Relief Cream from Blistex. I swear this is the best thing that happened to me since I stopped being allergic to chocolate when I was 7. I don't know how it works, but every other lip balm moisturizes my lips for about 10 minutes and after that they're back to the previous poor condition. But with this one, after two or three applications the lips are left feeling soft and it doesn't hurt when I smile too big.

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