Saturday, 17 January 2015

Day 17 of 365: Favourite Five - Apps

Nowadays we are practically drowning in the ocean of apps that are available for Android and iOS devices, so I really like seeing and articles or blog posts with apps that I haven't tried before. The thing is, a whole lot of times apps in those posts are meant for iOS and aren't availible for Android, which is annoying. And since I own an Android phone (Sony Xperia Z), I thought I'd share five of my favourite apps (that are probably also available for iOS). Excluding those we all already know, as Instagram, Twitter etc.

1. Calm - Following the site, here's one of the relaxing/calming/meditating apps. It comes with a whole library of different scenes and calming programs that help you ease your mind. I really like to listen to it while reading or studying, or if I just want to relax for a bit.

2. Money Lover - I was searching for a good app to keep track of my savings and spending, didn't really like anything I saw and then I found this one. It has really nice user interface and lets you have a perfect overview of your financials. 

3. Solar - Here comes the weather app! It's cute, has the option of showing weather forecast for different cities with just a swipe of a finger in horizontal line and daily forecast for every hour with a vertical swipe. The only thing that's missing is a widget.

4. Solitaire - Oops, here's a classic. The game I'm sure everyone played at one point in their lives. Probably one of the most important pre-installed programs on Windows. Here's an app for that. I'm not sure why it isn't pre-installed on phones too.

5. VSCO Cam -  And the last one is a photo app. I'm sure you have already heard of it, awesome filters and nice photo sharing platform. But if you haven't tried it yet, here's your clue to do so.

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